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First National Realty, Inc. is a full service real estate firm.

Our mission statement:
"We empower agents to provide the most efficient services for buyers and sellers of real estate."

First National Realty is about people who care and listen. We listen to our clients, the changes in the marketplace and the needs of the community. We are committed to providing you with information you need to successfully buy or sell your home. With any real estate transaction, you need a professional who is looking out for your best interests.

Have you had an idea lately? We have them daily and we implement good ideas to push business forward. Cutting edge ideas that make a bottom line difference in an agent's business.

We are a full service brokerage that blends traditional ideas, technology, and the retail locations in real estate to have you working with people, not computers! We provide the ideal balance of high tech and high touch. First National Realty has years of experience and we aggressively embrace creativity and fresh thinking. Our world exists and expands because of new ideas.

From the first real estate firm in this area to be paperless and green sensitive, we want to be the difference for your future. We are the future. Now!

Our creative approach to business will transform how you live, think, and achieve success. If it is time for a new beginning, a new opportunity, a desire to be challenged to think creatively - you will experience a new culture in the most successful real estate firm in this market.

Join hundreds of others who have found it. Become a First National agent today!

DIV First Name Last Name Email Phone Number
TNRD Alan Conner realtrust@outlook.com 901-859-8810
TNNA Albert Martin Butcher Jr. mphsvet@yahoo.com 901-486-4571
MSRD Alexandra Robison dzrobison2015@gmail.com 901-828-3234
TNRD Alfred J. Pettigrew daj88@att.net 901-604-1386
TNNA Alfreda Mitchell alfredamitchell65@gmail.com 901-336-1362
TNRD Angela M. Majors angelamsells2004@yahoo.com 901-301-1337
TNNA Theyer 'Ann' Turner gallaway24@yahoo.com 901-290-8776
TNNA Annette L. Butler annette@firstnationalrealty.com 901-485-8495
TNRD Anthony F. Love tonylovesellshomes@hotmail.com 901-828-8669
TNRD Antoine Logan antoinelgn1@gmail.com 901-334-7478
TNRD Antonio W. Pittman apittman@firstnr.com 901-493-3616
TNNA Aric Northern aricnorthern@gmail.com 901-299-8916
TNNA Ardina Mills rdnamills@yahoo.com 901-212-8502
TNNA Ashlee Jones asjones0611@gmail.com 901-493-0691
TNRD Ashley Elkins ashleyelkins1@aol.com 901-485-2766
TNRD Ashley Pickens youragentashley@gmail.com 901-264-1005
TNRD Audra Wheeler ewheeler1@aol.com 901-282-6815
TNNA Audrey B. Coleman audrey@firstnationalrealty.com 901-340-4551
TNNA Belinda Johnson johnson.belinda@yahoo.com 901-859-7115
TNRD/MSRD Benjamin Wright mrwrightone@outlook.com 949-444-3544
TNNA Beryl Brown bb_brown1@comcast.net 901-604-3012
TNRD Beverly Hyter beverly@firstnationalrealty.com 901-219-6646
MSRD Billy D Bridges realtorbillyd@gmail.com 901-846-4441
TNRD Blaine M Mattison carol_mattison13@hotmail.com 901-550-3729
TNNA Bonita Elam bonitaselam@gmail.com 901-288-3805
TNRD/MSRD Brenda Sanders brenda.sanders@earthlink.net 901-870-8097
TNRD Brenda D Surratt bsurratt.commercial@gmail.com 901-652-6900
TNNA Bridgette Franklin bridgettefranklin223@yahoo.com 901-461-2738
TNNA Brittany Long   ???
TNRD Bryan Carruthers membryan223@yahoo.com 901-412-4074
TNNA Calvin Mathews calvin.mathews901@gmail.com 901-489-1308
TNRD Calvin Phan calvin@firstnr.com 901-497-4861
TNRD/MSRD Cara Mayall carol@memphisreo.com  
TNNA Carmen Carter Euell ccuell@gmail.com 901-679-8969
TNRD Carnisa D Dillard carnisa22@aol.com 901-690-5654
TNNA Carol Mayall carol@memphisreo.com  
TNNA Carol K. George chekg48@hotmail.com 901-406-6131
TNRD/MSRD Carolyn Tangery carolyn@firstnr.com 901-359-0449
TNRD Chandra Bailey c1bailey@bellsouth.net 901-336-8858
TNNA Chandra McGhee chandramcghee@gmail.com 901-292-4060
TNRD/MSRD Charlene L. Bailey charlenebailey1@aol.com 901-359-6136
TNRD Charles Grimes cgrimeshomes@gmail.com 901-219-9609
TNRD Charles C. Fifer charlesfifer@bellsouth.net 9015964818
TNNA Charles M House charleshouse@juno.com 901-830-5211
TNRD Cheo A. Kitwana cheokitwana.@gmial.com 901-859-2928
TNRD Chester B. Jones chesterrealty@aol.com 901-239-4882
TNRD Christopher D. Jamison yourdreamhomeiswaiting@gmail.com 901-461-3603
TNRD Christy O. Greer christy0427@bellsouth.net 901-238-7214
TNRD Cicley L. Boyer cicley@firstnationalrealty.com 901-289-1447
TNRD/MSRD Clarence C Dickson ccdicksn@gmail.com 901-643-9729
TNNA Cledica 'Chris' Neely chrisneely2008@gmail.com 901-406-4996
MSRD Clifford O'Conner cliffoconner@yahoo.com 662-560-7866
TNNA/MSRD Connie Wright connie@firstnationalrealty.com 901-489-7325
TNNA Connie J. Newson chomesbuysell@bellsouth.net 901-870-8962
TNRD Constance Davis conniecdvs3@aol.com 0698
TNRD Corey Mayhorn corey@firstnr.com 901-859-3578
TNRD Corinthia Fair cfairagent@gmail.com 901-922-9354
TNRD Cynthia Edwards cynthiasells4sucess@yahoo.com 901-413-2420
TNRD Daniel Cates dvcates@dc-ag.com 901-493-1902
TNRD Danielle Porter drporter@email.phoenix.edu 901-515-8300
TNRD Darran Davis darranodavis@gmail.com 901-864-7514
TNNA David Finegold dfinegold@firstnr.com 901-581-0143
TNRD/MSRD David Newman dnewman@firstnationalrealty.com 901-490-5565
MSRD David Luke Shepherd lukeshepherd.ms@gmail.com 662-292-1917
TNRD Demetris Mays-Graham demetrisgraham@yahoo.com 901-406-0398
TNRD Derby Thomas derby2@firstnationalrealty.com 901-650-9021
TNRD Derek Branch dhbranch@gmail.com 901-606-8964
TNRD Derek Shaw dshaw@firstnational.com 901-552-8782
TNRD DeShawna P Williams deshawna13@gmail.com  
TNRD Diana Cottam dyann@dcottam.com 901-871-8332
TNRD Don Tennyson dontenny@me.com 901-496-6663
TNRD Donald Mayall don@firstnationalrealty.com  
TNRD Donita Ingram-Brim donitakingram@yahoo.com 901-644-2666
TNNA Donna Daniels-Crawford donna_daniels@bellsouth.net 901-246-0066
TNRD Dorethia Bandy dban_416@hotmail.com 901-215-7798
MSRD Doris Smith dwsmith@bellsouth.net 662-544-3148
TNRD Earleane Aldridge earleane@gmail.com 901-503-9731
TNNA/MSNA Edward Garey egarey0129@aol.com 901-335-6991
TNNA Elizabeth Kroeker elizabethkroeker@gmail.com 901-517-4815
TNNA/MSNA Ellis Rankin ellis@firstnationalrealty.com 901-406-3141
TNRD Emmett Stephen Anderson stephen@stephen-anderson.net 901-338-9043
TNRD/MSRD Eric Crutcher eric.crutcher@firstnationalrealty.com 901-212-2414
TNRD Ethel Jean Massey jeanmassey@outlool.com 901-679-3334
TNRD Evelyn Jones evelyn.jones@live.com 901-581-0553
TNRD Favio Silva fdanilosilva@hotmail.com 901-652-3264
TNRD Francisca Madden dulcnea@comcast.net 901-314-3488
TNRD Frank Newson fnewson@comcast.net 901-238-5350
TNNA Fred Stricklin    
TNRD/MSRD Fred Walton fredhomes4you@gmail.com 901-502-0070
TNRD Geoffrey Ongayo gongayo@gmail.com 901-315-8956
TNNA Gladys Cox gcox1043@yahoo.com 901-692-3585
TNRD/MSRD Glen Haley ghaleyk85@gmail.com 901-359-7654
TNRD Gloria Renau Clayborne Wilkerson renauwilkerson@comcast.net 901-210-00251
TNRD Gwendolyn Ware gware07@bellsouth.net 901-830-1753
TNRD Hazel Winston hazelwinston@bellsouth.net 901-842-6188
MSRD Helen Massey massey5@bellsouth.net 901-921-2363
TNNA Irene Bernard iyb4re@gmail.com 901-378-0823
TNRD Jacob Laurence   ???
TNRD James Finnie Jr. finniwjames@hotmail.com 901-500-0633
MSNA James Forrest ido4god@yahoo.com 662-739-0804
TNRD James Rose jamesrose305@gmail.com 901-871-2665
TNRD Janice Chism Deloach jychism@yahoo.com 901-550-0991
TNRD Janice Crawford janicemcrawford@bellsouth.net 901-314-3441
TNRD Janice Walker jmwalks@bellsouth.net 901-233-4455
TNNA Jason Mick jason.mick@firstnationalrealty.com 901-233-5655
TNRD/MSRD Jeanette Hollowell jeanette.hollowell@gmail.com 901-490-1216
TNRD Jessica Kreighbaum jessica.dawkins85@gmail.com 901-846-3876
TNRD Jimmy 'Trey' Foster memphisarearealtor@gmail.com 901-451-1611
TNNA Jo Ellen Buehler blazenjo@aol.com 901-482-1243
TNRD John Green johnhenrygreeg@hotmail.com 901-502-2468
TNRD John Luckey johnluckey@comcast.net 901-233-2024
TNRD/MSRD John Payne johnmichaelpayne@gmail.com 901-314-1950
TNNA Johnnie Key-Jenkins johnnk1@aol.com 901-497-2291
TNNA Johnella Simmons johnella_simmons@yahoo.com 9019492574
TNNA Juan Romo juanromo@aol.com 901-570-5267
TNRD Juanita Mosby jmosby@firstnationalrealty.com 901-246-2941
TNNA Juanita Richardson juanita.richardson@firstnationalrealty.com 901-481-0898
MSRD Judy Wilson judy@firstnationalrealty.com 901-212-4795
TNRD Julianna Craft juliannacraft1@gmail.com 901-826-4569
TNRD Karen Payne karen-hale@att.net 901-644-8689
TNRD Karen 'Kaye' Thompson successsavvy1@gmail.com 901-361-6824
TNNA Karl Shipp carteret5909@bellsouth.net 901-650-4909
TNNA Katrina Graham ktgraham4b@gmail.com 901-691-0922
TNNA/MSRD Kay Young kaylavetta@yahoo.com 662-544-6411
TNRD Kenneth Turner akenterprise65@yahoo.com 901-690-3899
TNRD Kim Hill Kim@hccimemphis.com 901-604-0631
TNNA/MSNA Kimberly Clerk   ???
TNRD Kristopher W. Goudy kris@firstnationalrealty.com 901-921-8867
TNRD Lachelle Frazier shelliefrazier@gmail.com 901-828-1246
TNRD/MSRD LaChoya Thompson rmchthomps@commercialproperties.com 901-604-5304
TNNA LaGina Scott laginascott@gmail.com 901-277-0430
TNRD Lara Goff laragoff@ymail.com 901-428-5272
TNNA/MSNA Larry Mayall LARRY@FN1.COM 901-230-3461
TNNA LaShaundra Higgenbottom higgenbottoml@yahoo.com 901-336-5552
TNNA LaTanya Moore latanya60@gmail.com 901-502-8810
MSRD LaTasha Conway latashaconway@aol.com 901-502-8810
MSRD LaTonya Green greenhouse3540@yahoo.com 662-374-9284
TNNA Laura Diane Fortwengler forwengler_259@msn.com 901-359-2022
TNRD Linda Bell info@lindabellrealestate.com 901-340-8024
TNNA/MSRD Linda Fortune bkfortune@gmail.com 901-237-4000
TNRD/MSRD Lisa Guy lisaguy4dbestbuy@gmail.com 901-288-7311
TNRD Lisa Hawkins lmhrealtyone@gmail.com 901-870-7887
TNRD Lisa Nelson lnelson@firstnr.com 901-246-5395
TNRD/MSRD Lisa Thomas lisa@lisathomas.net 901-679-2984
TNRD Lisa Townsend lisatownsendgbs@yahoo.com 901-502-6846
TNRD Lloyd Patterson, Jr. lloydp7711@gmail.com 901-679-8684
MSRD Loretta Carson carsonoconnerhomegroup@gmail.com 662-910-0069
TNRD Lucille Perry lperrydudley@gmail.com 731-659-1822
MSRD Luke Grady gradyluke21@yahoo.com 901-604-1087
TNRD Lydia Nance lydianance@sbcglobal.net 901-413-0105
MSRD Mae Beth Davis maebeth1@gmail.com 662-404-5262
TNRD/MSRD Malcolm Settles mbsettles@msn.com 901-649-3929
TNRD Marcus Curry macurry1@gmail.com 901-489-4208
TNRD/MSRD Marilyn Taylor sunshinetaylor69@gmail.com 901-292-6944
TNNA Mario Parson marioparson@yahoo.com 901-292-8519
TNNA Mark Opie mark@picaflor-azul.com 901-207-3675
TNNA Marnicka McMillian marnickamcmillian@yahoo.com 262-977-1725
TNRD Martin Thomas martin@martinjthomas.com 901-336-6839
MSRD Marty Pickard pickmarty@gmail.com 901-289-4992
TNRD Mary Bohanon 5183@bellsouth.net 901-281-6120
TNRD Matthew Mayall matt@memphisreo.com  
TNNA Maurice Savage mauricesavagesr@gmail.com 901-292-3558
TNRD/MSRD Maxine Conner maxconner31@aol.com 901-438-7901
TNNA MD Abid Abdullah bizbeam100@gmail.com 901-503-9850
TNRD Michael Bialowitz michael@2gproperties.com 480-599-4422
TNNA Monica Dennis mclarkmonica@icloud.com 901-216-6692
TNNA Myrtle Toliver smyrtlesmgmt@gmail.com 901-515-8543
TNRD Nancy Bowman nancybowman1@comcast.net 901-491-3844
TNRD Natasha Donerson natashadonerson@me.com 901-647-3922
TNNA Nicholas 'Nic' Shaw nshaw@shawtitle.net 901-335-5818
TNRD Nicole Pittman nikkipittman56@gmail.com 901-281-5399
TNRD Oksana Piven oksanapiven@yahoo.com 901-848-4828
TNRD Olena Keene petrovakeene@gmail.com 901-277-5324
TNRD Oretha Moore rethamoore@comcast.net 901-337-4950
TNNA Pamela Jackson memphis1970@aol.com 9012164339
MSRD Patrick Sellers patricksellers31@aol.com 901-831-7681
TNRD/MSRD Pearline Harper pharper.realtor@gmail.com 901-289-5917
TNRD/MSRD Petra Walker pwjones900@gmail.com 901-859-1271
TNRD Raychel D. Day rdday86@yahoo.com 901-619-7027
TNRD Raymond Vallier rayval69@yahoo.com 901-490-5999
MSRD Rebecca Reeves reevesx06@comcast.net 901-857-8350
TNRD Rebecca Taylor bell_rebecca@bellsouth.net 901-949-6935 2987
TNNA/MSRD Rebecca'Becky' White beckyj.white@gmail.com 901-870-0057
TNRD Reginald Falkner reggiefalkner@gmail.com 901-292-1590
TNNA Rena Jeffries rjeffri3@comcast.net 901-826-7868
TNRD Robert Blakley robertblakley@bellsouth.net 901-461-0632
TNRD Robert 'Bob' Hunt bobhunt@hotmail.com 901-870-2397
TNRD Robin Howell robin.howell@firstnationalrealty.com 901-299-2737
TNRD Roderick Scott rickmn24@msn.com 901-281-7556
MSRD Ronald Panissidi homeagent.ron@gmail.com 901-647-7614
TNRD Ronald 'Bubba' Sandefer bubbasandefer@gmail.com 901-319-0747
TNNA Ronnie 'Ron' Nicks Jr. ron@ronnienicks.com 901-870-8007
TNRD/MSRD Rosa Anderson rosa@firstnationalrealty.com 901-268-4211
TNNA Rosa Biggs rlgaston@bellsouth.net 901-413-5624
TNRD Rosalyn Alexander-Hulbert buyanewhome.roz@gmail.com 901-238-8845
MSRD Rosemary Chambliss rosemarychambliss@yahoo.com 901-831-7112
TNRD Sammie Riar sam@econquest.net 91-490-6178
TNRD Sandra Killebrew swkillebrew@bellsouth.net 901-833-0222
MSRD Sandra Manning sandra.manning@firstnationalrealty.com 662-288-1485
TNRD Sandra Wright wright.sandrav@gmail.com 901-212-4134
TNRD Sarah McCoid sarah.mccoid@gmail.com 901-864-0372
TNNA Scott Thurmer scott.thurmer@yahoo.com 901-461-7111
TNRD/MSRD Sharon Carther scarther@aol.com 901-503-5538
TNRD Sharon Green greensharonk@yahoo.com 901-299-5662
TNRD Shirley Rhynes-Hawkins shawkins7580@yahoo.com 901-570-6048
MSNA Shirley Walker shirley.walker@park.edu 901-212-6215
TNRD Sonja Jones sonja_fields@bellsouth.net 901-240-9962
TNRD Stacey Joiner staceysellstn@gmail.com 901-291-0804
MSNA Stephanie Anderson stephanie@firstnationalrealty.com 901-496-3667
TNRD/MSRD Stephanie Lewis ryblewis4u@aol.com 901-574-2148
TNNA Stephanie Moss smoss1034@gmail.com 901-494-8698
TNNA Stephen 'Steve' Parker steve@housesfly.com 901-273-7007
MSRD Susan Hayes suskids@yahoo.com 901-461-0562
TNRD Susan K Jenkins skjenkinshomes@gmail.com 901-482-1921
TNNA Sylvester McMillon sbmcmil@yahoo.com 901-314-7044
TNRD Takesha Trawick takesha@firstnationalrealty.com 901-257-5545
TNNA Tamara Reed tnreed9@gmail.com 901-387-9505
TNRD Tammara Tate tammaratate@comcast.net 901-574-7418
TNRD Tanika Bland tanikabland@yahoo.com 901-859-8792
TNRD Tanner George tannerj@tannergeorge.com 901-846-2848
TNNA Tara Lamar lamartl31@yahoo.com 901-598-4508
TNRD TarAngela McDonald iamtangie@gmail.com 901-859-5015
TNRD Tarsha Coleman tarshac2010@att.net 901-239-4009
TNRD Tedra Jones Ferguson tedrajf@icloud.com 901-734-7302
MSRD Telesa Wright mrswrightone@yahoo.com 949-444-3548
TNRD Terry King stjosephproperties@gmail.com 901-921-1875
TNRD Thomas Greer tgreer.realestate@comcast.net 901-218-7949
TNNA Thomas Gattas tgattas@elitebb.com 901-270-7017
TNNA Thurman Garrett firesta56@gmail.com 901-596-2759
TNNA/MSRD Tiffani King tiffani.king@yahoo.com 901-598-7069
TNRD Tiffany Brown tnsimmons21@yahoo.com 901-736-2291
TNRD Tiffany Owens tiffany@memphisrentalhouses.net 901-218-9457
TNRD Tommie McKinney tommc0825@hotmail.com 901-650-1682
TNRD Tommy Davis tdavisrealtor@att.net 901-643-4610
TNRD/MSRD Tonja Hosey househosey@bellsouth.net 901-553-1436
TNRD Tonya Covington tonya.covington@gmail.com 901-870-5337
TNRD Torran Fifer ltfifer@yahoo.com 901-494-4255
TNRD/MSRD Travis Patterson travis.patterson@firstnationalrealty.com 901-568-0805
TNRD Ursula Houston ursulahoustonrealty@gmail.com 901-240-5257
TNNA Valerie Morman valerie_morman@hotmail.com 901-949-0114
TNRD Van Asa Preston vanpreston.memphis@gmail.com 901-289-6286
MSRD Velecia Young yvelecia@yahoo.com 901-857-0202
TNRD/MSRD Vinh Le Vinh@firstnr.com 901-230-6636
TNRD/MSRD Vinnie Flynn vinnieflynn7@aol.com 901-859-8414
TNRD Virginia Farrell reneefarrell@rocketmail.com 901-590-5109
TNRD/MSRD Vuanita McArthur vuanitamcarthur@yahoo.com 901-340-4755
TNNA William 'Jack' Webster jack_webster@icloud.com 901-605-0465
TNNA/MSRD Willie Bolden Jr. wbbolden1@gmail.com 662-209-1912
TNRD Willie Windless wjwindless@hotmail.com 901-315-8514
TNRD Yimei Li liyimei@gmail.com 919-824-6161
TNRD Yolanda 'Elizabeth' Castillo elizacastill@hotmail.com 901-497-4957
TNNA Yolanda Thompson-Richardson yolanda.t.richardson@gmail.com 901-265-0709
TNRD Yolonda Williams 1ywilliams@bellsouth.net 901-212-3308
TNRD Yu Cai tonycai1225@gmail.com 901-674-1327
ADMIN Monty Montgomery monty@memphisreo.com 901-208-9425
ADMIN Tennille Tucker tennille@memphisreo.com  
ADMIN Tami West tamiwest13@gmail.com  
ADMIN LaDonna Thomas ladonna@memphisreo.com